Saturday Night Barn Dance - LeRoy Larson and The Minnesota Scandinaian Ensemble

The Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble was organized by LeRoy Larson in 1974 and still performs today (older and wiser, ya sure). This CD compiles recordings from over the years including Nidelven, Troll Schottische, Styrman Karlsson's Hambo and many more.

  1. Kiss Waltz
  2. Harry's Old Time Waltz
  3. Nidelven
  4. Grandmother's Mazurka
  5. Ramsey Schottische
  6. Otto's Waltz
  7. Finska Valsen
  8. Mazurka after Tore Lund
  9. Brenden Schottische
10. Old Waltz #1
11. Sjösala Vals
12. Sinclair Schottische
13. Styrman Karlsson's Hambo
14. Fisherman's Waltz from Bohuslän
15. Old Ole Mattis
16. American Wooden Shoe Polka
17. Skarbo Waltz
18. Troll Schottische