Teema - iittala

Every Teema piece is part of a larger thought system where everything fits with everything.
Kaj Franck found the basic forms simply irresistible, and spent his time reducing all that was
excessive, until only the essential remained. These features combined with elegant
Kartio Glassware
and exuberant
Taika Dishware, will give you an endless range of innovative, colorful table settings.
Teema is in a number of design museums worldwide. Kaj Franck (1911-1989) born in Vyborg, Finland
and is described as the conscience of Finnish design.
All Teema pieces are available in White with many also in Black, Pearl Gray, and Turquoise.
Looking for a discontinued color? 
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  1. Teema Long Platter

    Teema Long Platter
    $ $75.00

    SKU: 1629WH

  2. Teema Large Platter

    Teema Large Platter
    $ $75.00

    SKU: 1630WH

  3. Teema Small Square Plate

    Teema Small Square Plate
    $ $36.00

    SKU: 1636WH

  4. Teema 3.5 Quart Serving Bowl

    Teema 3.5 Quart Serving Bowl
    $ $80.00

    SKU: 1638WH

  5. Teema 1.6 Quart Serving Bowl

    Teema 1.6 Quart Serving Bowl
    $ $50.00

    SKU: 1639WH

  6. Teema Low Serving Bowl

    Teema Low Serving Bowl
    $ $80.00

    SKU: 1634WH

  7. Teema Milk Jar

    Teema Milk Jar
    $ $36.00

    SKU: 47000

  8. White Teema Teapot

    White Teema Teapot
    $ $80.00

    SKU: 46999

  9. Teema Small Mug

    Teema Small Mug

    Starting at: $22.00

    SKU: GR1626

  10. Teema Large Mug

    Teema Large Mug

    Starting at: $26.00

    SKU: GR1640

  11. Teema Dinner Plate

    Teema Dinner Plate

    Starting at: $26.00

    SKU: GR1625

  12. Teema Salad Plate

    Teema Salad Plate

    Starting at: $24.00

    SKU: GR1632

  13. Teema Bread & Butter Plate

    Teema Bread & Butter Plate

    Starting at: $18.00

    SKU: GR1624

  14. Teema Pasta Bowl

    Teema Pasta Bowl

    Starting at: $26.00

    SKU: GR1628

  15. Teema Soup/Cereal Bowl

    Teema Soup/Cereal Bowl

    Starting at: $24.00

    SKU: GR1635

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