As Fjord Design’s very first flatware design, Kongetinn (Royal Pewter) is rich in traditions.
This classic pattern depicting the legendary Viking Kings has been produced since 1958.
King Harald "Harald Hårfagre" was recognized as the first King that ruled all of Norway.
King Håkon the Good was the youngest son of Harald Hårfagre who ruled for 28 years and
was a favorite amongst the Norwegian farmers. King Olav Trygvason was known as
he strongest of all the Kings and one of the greatest athletes. King Olav Haraldson
"King Olav the Saint" is the most legendary and famous of all the Viking Kings.
He wanted to bring Christianity to Norway, but died during the Battle at Stiklestad in 1030.
One year later he was made a Saint and Christian Law
was accepted by all.
He is thought to be buried under where the High altar of the Nidaros Cathedral was built.
The flatware and serving pieces are made in Norway. Hand washing is suggested.

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  1. Kongetinn Salad Set

    Kongetinn Salad Set
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