Secret Garden: Just the Two of Us

Secret Garden: Just the Two of Us

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Secret Garden: Just the Two of Us


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The fiddle’s tone is dark, warm, sometimes full of longing and the piano complements the sound without overpowering it. In this setting the melodies grab the listener and pull them in. This album shares those beautiful moments on a concert where Fionuala Sherry and Rolf Lovland perform duets.
15 tunes, with a booklet that describes each tune and gives brief background information just as it might be done in concert. Highly enjoyable listening! 

1. Sometimes When It Rains
2. Heartstrings
3. Awakening
4. The Promise
5. Reflection
6. Ode to Simplicity
7. Poéme
8. Sortie
9. Just The Two Of Us
10.Song from A Secret Garden
11.En Passant
14.Serenade To Spring
15.Song At the End of the Day

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