Napkins & Holders

Napkins, and holders to corral them…
add a touch of colorful Scandinavian style to your picnic, indoors or out!
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  1. Ketunmarja Napkins

    Ketunmarja Napkins

    Starting at: $5.50

    SKU: GR67750

  2. Winter Knit Napkins

    Winter Knit Napkins

    Starting at: $5.50

    SKU: GR67895

  3. Cozy Kitty Napkins

    Cozy Kitty Napkins

    Starting at: $5.50

    SKU: GR7680

  4. Kaiku Lunch Napkins

    Kaiku Lunch Napkins
    $ $6.50

    SKU: 60871

  5. Lumimarja Pink Napkins

    Lumimarja Pink Napkins

    Starting at: $5.50

    SKU: GR7609

  6. Folk Blossom Napkins

    Folk Blossom Napkins

    Starting at: $5.50

    SKU: GR7612

  7. Troll Wondering Napkins

    Troll Wondering Napkins
    $ $7.50

    SKU: 59451

  8. Puffin Napkin

    Puffin Napkin
    $ $7.50

    SKU: 58274

  9. Hekla White Wool Napkins

    Hekla White Wool Napkins
    $ $7.50

    SKU: 54818

  10. Hekla Sheep Napkins

    Hekla Sheep Napkins
    $ $7.50

    SKU: 54968

  11. Toftey Rosemaling Napkins

    Toftey Rosemaling Napkins
    $ $9.50

    SKU: 46879

  12. Scandinavian Flag Lunch Napkins

    Scandinavian Flag Lunch Napkins

    Starting at: $9.50

    SKU: GRV1403

  13. Scandinavian Flag Beverage Napkins

    Scandinavian Flag Beverage Napkins

    Starting at: $7.50

    SKU: GRV1404

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