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Share the joy of the holidays with Nordic traditions.   God Jul!   Glædelig Jul!   Hyvää Joulua!

For more Scandinavian happy holiday inspiration,
visit our wonderful selection of Books on Scandinavian Christmas Traditions…  and Nordic Christmas Music…


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  1. Circle of Mice and Cheese Ornament
    Circle of Mice and Cheese Ornament
    SKU: 69914
  2. Circle of Reindeer Ornament
    Circle of Reindeer Ornament
    SKU: 69913
  3. Krumkake Roller Tomte Ornament
    Krumkake Roller Tomte Ornament
    SKU: 65860
  4. Petter and Pippa Ornaments
    Petter and Pippa Ornaments
    SKU: GR64941

    Starting at $17.00

  5. Swinging Tomte Boy Ornament
    Swinging Tomte Boy Ornament
    SKU: 54247
  6. Roly-poly Tomtar Ornaments
    Roly-poly Tomtar Ornaments
    SKU: GR7502

    Starting at $5.00

  7. Bicyclist Tomte Ornament
    Bicyclist Tomte Ornament
    SKU: 55901
  8. Ski Jumper Tomte Ornament
    Ski Jumper Tomte Ornament
    SKU: 53924
  9. Cute Red Mushroom Ornament
    Cute Red Mushroom Ornament
    SKU: 53251
  10. Sami Reindeer Ornament
    Sami Reindeer Ornament
    SKU: 53211
  11. Circle of Hedgehogs Ornament
    Circle of Hedgehogs Ornament
    SKU: 53202
  12. Circle of Moose Ornament
    Circle of Moose Ornament
    SKU: 46674
  13. Circle of Foxes Ornament
    Circle of Foxes Ornament
    SKU: 49784
  14. Circle of Birds Ornament
    Circle of Birds Ornament
    SKU: 49783
  15. Wood Diamond Tomte Ornament
    Wood Diamond Tomte Ornament
    SKU: 49812
  16. Circle of Cats Ornament
    Circle of Cats Ornament
    SKU: 46676

Items 1-16 of 24

per page
Set Descending Direction