Kingdom of the Rings

Nominated for Historical Fiction Novel of the Year, by Duane R. Lindberg, PhD.
Ringerike (Kingdom of the Rings) and Ringsaker (Field of Rings) are ancient (pre-Viking) kingdoms in Norway set along the "Pilgrims' Way" (pilegrimsleden) to where the healing springs flowed from the grave of martyred King St. Olaf. This story is built around the interlocking golden rings discovered in the Magi's gift to the Christ Child. They are separated in the thirteenth century while being carried by an Alexandrian Coptic Christian seeking healing from leprosy. The Rings are handed down through the centuries until they reappear in America in the eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries in the possession of two Norwegian families and a family descended from Egyptian Mamelukes. 
Each ring holds a secret meaning...
and when they are rejoined the whole world will be blessed.
Choose Hardcover or Paperback, 218pp. 2014 

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