A Blessing to Cherish

A Sweet Final Chapter to the Bjorklund Family Saga,
by Lauraine Snelling.
For those of you who have read all of the Red River books, you are very familiar with these characters. But maybe you've wondered about them since that last novel. Well, after several years of widowhood, Ingeborg is content in Blessing, North Dakota, watching her extended family, and welcoming newcomers. Meanwhile, her son Thorliff is raising two children alone, still grieving his beloved Elizabeth. Yet he is surprised by the effect the new schoolteacher has on him. With Blessing advancing forward, Thorliff decides to gather the stories of ingeborg's like, and the history of the town, to put into a book. With every glimpse into the past, Ingeborg will have to decide if her settled, predictable life is worth more to her than a future she hardly dares to imagine.
Paperback, 364pp. 2020