Haymaker in Heaven

by Edvard Hoem, Norway.
translated from the Norwegian by Tara Chace.
In 1874 Nesje, a recent widower with a young son, working as a haymaker and steadily clearing his own small holding, meets Serianna, an unusual woman, and they fall in love and marry. Dreaming of a prosperous future, some Norwegians have begun to immigrate to the American west, including Serianna's sister and Nesje's son, lured by land and commerce. But mechanization is superseding skilled labor, the moneyed classes are growing more powerful, and sacrifices don't always deliver what was promised. This sprawling saga, drawn from Edvard Hoem's own family history, is a vivid portrait of two countries at a critical moment, a novel of dreams, sacrifice, and transformation.
Paperback, 338pp. 2022