I Couldn't Milk Another Goat

Goodbye Norway - Hello Minnesota,
by Carrie Kirkeeide Thorson and Paul Stephen Arneson.
Based on Carrie Kirkeeide Thorson's true story, 1878-1974.
Carrie moved from Nordfjord, Norway to America as a young girl in 1903, and in 1969 at age 90 began this fascinating memoir. When asked by her grandson Paul why she left her beautiful village on a fjord in Norway, she replied "I couldn't milk another goat", her job on the family farm. Which was just a small part of her story. Working with her grandson Paul, she created an oral history which he put together in this book. Filled with photos of events and places throughout her life, she lived in Minneapolis for many years. As you read, she introduces you to her family and follows through the early 1900's, the years of the depression, World War II, and the years that followed.  
Paperback, 204pp. 2020