They Sang for Norway

Olaf Oleson's Immigrant Choir,
by Ane-Charlotte Five Aarset, Norway,
translated by Roald Aarset.
With strongly rooted connections to the homeland, Oleson settled in the Midwest and became a sucessful businessman, philanthropist, and politician. He also helped form influential organizations in his new land, including the Norwegian-American Historical Association and the Norwegian Singers' Association of America. With the choir group, Oleson shared songs of his native Norway throughout North America - while raising money to support the illegal army and new political party forming back home in the fight for liberation from Sweden. This is the story of O.M.Oleson and his contributions to the politics and culture of two nations. It is an immigrants tale, an exploration of Norwegian-American life, and the story of music's importance to a community and people.
Paperback, 268pp. 2012/Eng2017