Below Zero: Adventures Out in the Cold

from Gestalten, Robert Klanten, editor.
Whether you're in Alaska, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Greenland or Iceland, times of winter wonderland abound. Filled with full-page and double-page photos, see the thrills of ice diving, ice fishing, ice sailing, speed skating, mountain biking, curling, speed skating and more. See how to make the most out of enjoying the super cold climate, maybe even plan your next vacation. Through images of landscapes dusted in a powdery palette and depictions of cold weather athletics, any questions of what to do with a snow day are answered. Detailed and dazzling images reveal the frosty beauty of Iceland’s glaciers and ice caverns, or gliding across fresh snow whilst wearing snowshoes creates snow drawings and patterns that resemble frozen crop circles. This volume explores the brisk side of nature’s beauty and the adventures that await when the mercury drops.
Hardcover, 256pp. 2017

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