Celebrate Norway Kit

Each year, Scandinavians eagerly prepare to celebrate their Constitution Day - Norway's is on May 17th. In honor of these holidays, we have collected boxes of party essentials for Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, where you’ll find everything you need in one spot.

Inspire a party or celebration; for you, a friend or a family member. This gift box is dedicated to Norway and includes supplies for a special gathering. Decorate with flags and use the recipe book to cook authentic Norwegian food! Stored in it's own box, ready for any flag-flying holiday, it's perfect for the Norwegians in your life.

Celebrate Norway Kit includes:

4 x 6” cotton table flag
Norwegian recipes book
Flag garlands (2 pack)
Toothpick flags
Flag decal
National anthem bookmark
Mini Norway Flag pin
Package of 20 themed napkins