The Lavender Ladies Detective Agency #2: Escape From Sunset Grove

The second hilarious and heartwarming crime caper 
by Minna Lindgren, Finland,
translated by Kristian  London.
It’s not easy sharing a flat. Especially when you’re 95 years old.
Change is afoot at Sunset Grove retirement home, and its residents aren’t impressed. 
Under threat from falling masonry, best friends Irma and Siiri are forced out of their home to negotiate twenty-first-century living in the centre of Helsinki. Their new surroundings throw up an endless number of daily challenges, from caring for the ailing Anna-Lisa to the mystery of which of the many remotes controls the TV. 
The pair are joined by growing numbers of friends in their flat-share, and their new close-quarters living raises some unexpected questions. As the Lavender Ladies begin to dig a little deeper, they find themselves following a trail of corruption, deceit and intimidation that might just lead them to their own front door . . . 
The Lavender Ladies must steel themselves for what is set to be their most dangerous case yet.
Paperback, 404pp. 2014/Eng2017