Terroir Mini Chocolate Bars Gift Pack

Terroir Chocolates from Bean to Bar Company of Fergus Falls, MN.
Usually applied to wine, the term "terroir" (pronounced tare-whar) refers to the characteristic taste and flavor imparted by the environment in which a food or wine is produced. Made largely of organic ingredients, each is a unique taste treat. This pack of 6 half ounce chocolate bars is a great way to sample multiple flavors and makes the best gift for any chocolate lover. 
1.5" x 3"  .5 oz / 14 g each 

Sea Salt 
- 77% dark milk chocolate with sea salt.
Caramel Crack
- 60% dark milk chocolate with toffee.
Cafe au Lait
- 60% dark milk chocolate with organic Stumbeano's coffee beans.
Salty Nibber
- 60% dark milk chocolate with Cocoa Nibs and Himalayan pink salt.
Pure Scandi
- 60% dark milk chocolate. soy, nut, & gluten-free.
Lemon Poppyseed
- 38% white chocolate with poppyseeds and lemon oil.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of hot temperatures in many parts of the U.S., we discourage shipping chocolate in the summer months. Out of stock or backordered items will be available for shipping again in early Fall.