Arto Järvelä & Kaivama

13 tunes beautifully performed by Kaivama with Arto Järvelä. Kaivama is dedicated to preserving Finnish folk music and moving it forward: this CD includes both traditional and newly written tunes as played on tour in the US by the musicians. The tunes are arranged using a variety of instruments including piano, voice, harmonium, acoustic guitar and esseharpa. Some tunes are rhythmic and driving while others are lyrical and soothing. One of the best new folk albums of 2012.

1. Hoppavalssi
2. Ukon ja akan riita
3. Taapelivalssi
4. Blooming Prairie
5. Volte af Grelsson
6. Martnas-Marsj
7. Norman Borlaug Polka
8. Hej har du öl
9. Aamuyön valssi
10.Hilsen fra Finnskog
11.Piikin nikun polska
12.Stare 104 & 1
13.Røros (Live at the Cedar)