Wolf Summer DVD

from Kidflix Global.
When the summer course in outdoor climbing is cancelled, twelve-year old Kim decides that she will solo climb "the East Wall" - a mountain ridge near the Norwegian-Swedish border - as her late father did when he was twelve.
Things do not turn out the way she planned. Kim has a fall, is badly injured, and wakes up to a dramatic encounter with a wolf. Frightened and helpless, she is trapped in a wolf's den with a near-starving wolf cub. This is the beginning of an exceptional friendship. Kim experiences the adventure of her lifetime this summer. Chased by hunters, she is forced to take sides in a heated conflict between animal and man. This is the story of an unusual partnership and an even more unusual friendship between a child and a wild animal. Ages 8 and up.
In Norwegian with English subtitles, 88 minutes, 2003.