Jensen & Bugge Greatest Hits

Mette Kathrine Jensen Stærk (on accordion) and Kristian Bugge (on violin) grew up the the same neighborhood outside Vejle, Denmark, but first met at the Music Conservatory. In 2001 they formed the duo Jensen & Bugge, and became one of Denmark's busiest duos in traditional instrumental Danish folk music. Now, 20 years later, they are releasing this CD with some of their favorite tunes. In the accompanying booklet, they describe some of the stories associated with the melodies, and thus a description of some of the duo's experiences during their career, encounters with places, countries and people who have meant something to them.

  1. Sønderho brudestykker (3 famous wedding tunes)
  2. Gammel Tretur/Polonaise (The Old Threesome Reel for Four Couples)
  3. Reventlow no. 85 / Fransk Morgenstjerne
  4. Three part Dwight Waltz in D
  5. Den Ormstukne
  6. Valsen til Christine
  7. La nouvelle Allemande
  8. Kræn Bysteds Rheinlænder
  9. Falster springdanse
10. Fødselsdagsvalsen (Birthday Waltz)
11. Skæve Thorvald
12. Provinsvals/Tyrolerhopsa
13. Marius kronborgs Vals
14. Rumlekvadrillen
15. Viggo Post Polonaise