Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project

Contemporary Minnesota musicians perform the music of immigrants to Minnesota in the 19th century. All the contributors to this album are highly regarded performers who research the music. Four selections by Tjärnbloms (Swedish) and one by Sara Pajunen (Finnish). In addition to the Scandinavian music, this album also gives a taste of Czech, German and Irish music in Minnesota.

1. Kettlescrubber
2. Selmer Ramsey's Waltz
3. Flop Eared Mule
4. Minnesota Waltz
5. Swedish Schottische
6. Dick Halverson's Waltz
7. Hilary Stoltman's Polka
8. Sherburne's Polka
9. Edwin's First Polska
10.Gary's polka
11.Saint Paul Waltz
12.Selmer Ramsey's Polka
13.Ringnessen Reinlender
14.Iva Dingwall Medley
15.Henry Grondahl's Schottische
16.Ranger's Waltz
17.Elmer Running's Tune
19.Albert's Schottische
20.Knute's Waltz
21.Bill Sherburne Medley
22.Fred Nelson's Jig
23.Oh, So Many Berries
24.The Girl I left Behind Me
25.Jalaskarven Polka
26.Buckwheat Batter
27.Stoltman's Dad's Waltz