Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project 2

Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project 2: Wisconsin Barn Dance Tunes of Leonard Finseth.
The lively music on this wonderful CD will have you smiling and tapping your toes or perhaps even dancing. The late Leonard Finseth was a Norwegian-American fiddler with ties to both Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Lone Valley Stock Farmers (fiddles, accordion, banjo, nyckelharpa, harmonium, guitar, bass) arranged Leonard’s tunes with great care to maintain the rhythmic drive and style of Finseth’s playing. The resulting 20 selections are a delight. A comprehensive booklet gives musical, historical and cultural information along with photos. The producers of the CD hope these tunes will spread among fiddlers like the wind and there are plans for an accompanying tunebook. The 20 tunes include a mix of polka, waltz, schottische, reinlender and square dance.

  1. Old-Time Polka in D
  2. Storsveen's Schottische
  3. Walter Engan's Waltz
  4. Reinlender in D #2
  5. Hills of Old Wisconsin
  6. Randi Severson's Waltz (nyckelharpa version)
  7. Ed Quall's Made up Schottische
  8. Ingvald's Waltz
  9. Reinlender in D #1
10. Old A Waltz Medley
11. Swampers Revenge on the Windfall
12. Selmer Ramsey's Schottische
13. Old-Time Reinlender in G
14. Selmer Ramsey's Schottische
15. Waltz in A
16. Charlie's Square Dance (Sailor's Hornpipe)
17. Drammen Schottische
18. Old-Time Waltz in G
19. Square Dance in A
20. Randi Severson's Waltz (fiddle version)