#1 LP Slim Jim - The West, A Nest and You

First vinyl LP in the collector series.
One of the most easily recognized voices in all of Twin Cities Radio from the mid-Thirties to the mid-Forties, was that of Slim Jim. These songs were recorded about 1950. A slight reverb has been added to make them more adaptable for radio play. Only the Norwegian Christmas song had scratches that could not be removed, and it was felt it was better in this condition than to discard it.

  1. I Know There is Somebody Waiting Theme Song
  2. Fool's Paradise
  3. Peeking True Da Keyhole
  4. Jeg Er Sa Glad Hver Julekveld
  5. Rose of Old Pawnee
  6. When Irish Eyes are Smiling
  7. It Is No Secret
  8. The West, A Nest, and You
  9. McNamarra's Band
10. Coo-Coo Waltz
11. Mocking Bird Hill
12. Play a Simple Melody
13. My God and I

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