#4 LP The Vagabond Kid Sings Great Grand Dad

Fourth vinyl LP in the collector series.
Clarence Iverson (The Vagabond Kid) started in radio in 1929, in North Dakota. He later came to the Twin Cities, and teamed up with his brother Ernest (Slim Jim), who was playing on a Minneapolis radio station. He sang on the radio until he went into the Army in 1943, saw action in France, and returned again. In 1948 he left radio for good. He recorded these songs at the age of 75, so they would not be lost to history.

  1. What Are You Squawking About?
  2. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
  3. Den Gamle Kjerringa Med Guitaren
  4. The Night That She Cried in my Beer
  5. Great Grand Dad
  6. Seems I've Always Held Your Hand
  7. Oh! For the Life of a Hobo
8a. Onkel Lauris' Sang
8b. Kan du Gjette Hvad Som Hendte Meg Igår? 
 9. The Little Black Mustache
10. Conversation
11. The All Go Hungry Hash House
12. There's a Mother Always Waiting

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