#5 LP Slim Jim and The Vagabond Kid Musical Memories

Fifth vinyl LP in the collector series.
Twelve more songs and hymns from the two brothers who entertained all of us in the early days of radio.
When Clarence (The Vagabond Kid) and Slim worked side by side in the studio, they took turns, each singing the songs that had been requested of them in the daily mail, amd joining in a duet when the song demanded it. The by-play beteen the two as they read their requests, dedicated their songs, and told of future personal appearance dates, is a quality that has been lost forever to present radio listeners. In order to present these two musicians side by side on a phonograph record, the background sound of the older recordings has been updated.

  1. The Little Girl Next Door to Us
  2. Mandolin Waltz
  3. I Don't Care What You Used to Be
  4. Oh, Why Did It Get Married?
  5. Violet and the Rose
  6. Who at my Door is Standing
  7. From Jerusalem to Jericho
  8. Too Tired
  9. Gamle Miner
10. I Told Them All About You
11. Kjerringa Pa Haugen
12. When They Ring the Golden Bells

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