Blot En Ild

The women of Zenobia: Louise Støjberg (lead vocals), Mette Kathrine Jensen Stærk (accordion) and Charlotte Støjberg (piano), have composed 16 melodies in the Danish folk tradition in addition to some classic songs dressed in their new tunes. Album chapters unfold like a page turner - a love story about a rose and a thorn bush (and the gardeners who try to destroy their hybrid offspring); an elderly woman looking back on her life; the cautionary tale of drunken villagers who, based on rumor, take up arms and march against an imaginary enemy; and the patriotic I Danmark er Jeg Født (I Was Born in Denmark), with a new melody for lyrics - written during a real war - by Hans Christian Andersen. Even if the fire of life burns out, the beauty we create survives us. With Blot en Ild, Zenobia knocks on the door of eternity. 

  1. Døber, sanger, knægte, flammer (Baptist, singer, boy, flame)
  2. Blot en Ild (Just a Fire)
  3. Sprogø (Language)
  4. I Danmark er jeg født (I was born in Denmark)
  5. Barbara Avenue, San Diego
  6. Ensomme æblers land (Lonely Aebler's Land)
  7. En rose og en tjørn (A rose and a thorn)
  8. Sangen (The song)
  9. Fredag (Friday)
10. Mæt af dage (Measure of Days)
11. Bænkmandens gåde 
12. Gale onsdag (Crazy Wednesday)
13. Jobs' bryllupsvals (Joh's Wedding Waltz)
14. Den danske sang (The Danish song)
15. Sommersang om valmuer (Summer song about poppies)

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