100 Folk Tunes from Hardanger Suites 1 & 2

The first 2 of 4 suites which comprise the one hundred folk tunes, by Norwegian composer Geirr Tveitt (1908-1981). The rest of the work was unfortunately destroyed in a tragic fire on Tveitt's farm in 1870. While composing them he lived on his ancestral farm by the Hardanger Fjord in western Norway, spending much of his time wandering in this land of a thousand waterfalls. The tunes are inspired by and built upon folk-tunes from Hardanger, which Tveitt collected over many years.
They are performed here by the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ole Kristian Ruud.

Suite No. 1 (1954)
  1. O be ye most heartliy welcomed
  2. The goblin flute air
  3. The loveliest song on earth
  4. Berries of mountain and moor
  5. Stave church chant
  6. O please preserve me from my sweetheart
  7. Consecration of the New Beer
  8. Lament for an empty whisky keg
  9. Norwegian Peasant harp
10. Echo from the Mountain Pasture
11. The hasty wedding
12. The goodness of God
13. Wise folk's Gossip
14. The Braggart's Song
15. The last farewell

Suite No. 2 (1955)
16. Far into the mountains to Turid
17. Wolves and reindeer in moorland storm
18. The hen, the hound, the cow and the horse
      (Nursery rhyme)
19. Mountain melody
20. Strong ale to the mountain farm
21. The willow flute across the quiet tarn
22. Old Nick's lament
23. Snow grouse on the glacier
24. Do you hear the falls singing?
25. The lame fiddler's hulder-dance
26. A song ascends from the Huldra-Hill
27. Beard on fire?
28. The harp played by the mouth (Jew's Harp)
29. The mountaineer's daughter on skis
30. I saw afar