from Celtic-Scandinavian Roots to new Acoustic Music,
by Kelpie - Kerstin Blodig & Ian Melrose.
Kelpie is a spirit in Scottish mythology who appears at the waterside disguised as a beautiful white horse. Once mounted the unsuspecting rider is taken to the bottom of the loch never to be seen again. In Norway it is the water troll „Nøkken” who lives in a lake, occasionally surfacing to lure people to their doom.  And Kelpie will lure you in. When Kerstin’s clear and vibrant voice intertwines with Ian’s languid low whistle, when Ian’s imaginative guitar riffs dance around Kerstin’s mischievous bouzouki lines, there arises an exciting blend of old and new – intricate vocal and instrumental arrangements with room for improvisation and spontaneous ideas. Minimalistic but poignant and expertly crafted arrangements on acoustic guitars, voices, bouzouki, whistles, and mandolin. 2002

 1.  Kråka
 2.  Mine Viser
 3.  Kelpie
 4.  Halling fra Elverum
 5.  Villemann og Magnhild
 6.  Bedlam Boys/Bedlam Girls
 7.  Sven Svane
 8.  Guten og Mann/Fillefant Ril
 9.  The Battle of Waterloo
10. Paddy Goes to Tunesia
11. Nelaugvatn Reels
12. Polska Efetr Lars Orre
13. Sumarnatta