LUX - Emilia Amper

Emilia Amper is firmly grounded in Swedish traditional music. She's an important ambassador for the nyckelharpa (‘keyed fiddle’)... and modern folk music. Her 2012 solo debut release Trollfageln was a revelation. Not only to those who had never before heard the silvery sound of the nyckelharpa, but also for the way Emilia on it combined her roots in Scandinavian folk music with her very own and individual voice. Lux, her new album, confirms the promise of her earlier work- a selection of her own compositions and traditional Swedish and Norwegian tunes.

1. Spelpuma
2. Halling etter Bråta Per
3. Ljus i mörkrets tid
4. Johanna's bike ride
5. Den melancoliska pollonessen
6. Lux
7. Elden
8. Polska efter Sven Donat
9. Näckens polska från gamla tider
12.Butterfly bazaar