Natt i Desember (Night in December)

Iver Kleive on organ, and Knut Reiersrud on guitars and oud (a lute-type instrument).
Some kilometres outside Haderslev in southern Jutland lies the Christiansfeld village where Kleive and Reiersrud stayed during the recordings.This village houses the Greyfriars community, founded by Dutch Moravian Brothers who fled here in the eighteenth century. They have specialized in making a very special Christmas star, which is shown on the cover of the new album.
Well-loved music praising the child in the manger caresses the walls and vaults of mighty Haderslev Cathedral, creating an atmosphere of night and peace.

1. Å kom, Å kom, Immanuel
2. Jeg synger Julekvad (I am singing a Christmas song)
3. Stille natt (Silent Night)
4. Desember i Praha (December in Prague)
5. Ave Maris Stella
6. Å Betlehem, du vesle by
7. Kling no klokkka (Let the bell ring)
8. Jeg er så glad hver julekveld (I am so glad each Christmas
9. Minne om en svunnen jul (Memories of Christmas of Yore)
11.Deilig er jorden (Beautiful Saviour)