Treasures Left Behind

featuring Arna Rennan with Loretta Kelley.
Treasures left behind are the sounds of the Hardanger fiddle found only in certain districts, and in the songs that accompany dance tunes sung in dialect. Arna has translated several of these songs into English to help us understand more of the immigrants' experience, and the life they left behind. 
Vocals, langeleik and translations are by Arna Rennan, Hardanger fiddle is played by Loretta Kelley. Listening to Arna's clear voice, and hearing the vibration of the Hardanger fiddle is like taking a visit to the old country.

  1. Gamal Stev from Setesdal
  2. Haugebonden - Ballad friom the Middle Ages
  3. Noringen / Eg Ser Deg
  4. Signelita: Ballad from the Middle Ages
  5. Jondalsvisa - telespringar
  6. Sa Sulla Ho Mor - slattestev
  7. Hjerki Haukeland - slattestev
  8. Rotneims Knut - Halling
  9. Tukthusen/Jailhouse
10. Straumstoylvise
11. Eg Tenkjer Sa Titt Pa Min Bryllups Dag/My Wedding Day
12. Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker
My Heart returns to the Place of Jesus' Birth)