Trollfågeln (The Magic Bird)

Emilia Amper, one of Sweden’s most exciting young folk musicians, is also one of the finest nyckelharpa players in the world today, combining tradition with spontaneous improvisation. Solos are mixed with settings in which Emilia is joined by a string ensemble from the famous Norwegian chamber orchestra the Trondheim Soloists, or by another well-known virtuoso on the nyckelharpa, Johan Hedin, as well as by some of her regular collaborators: Anders Löfberg, Dan Svensson and Olle Linder. The tunes range from hypnotic, melancholy and meditative, to upbeat and jubilant. 2012

1. Till Maria 
2. G-mollpolska efter Anders Gustaf Jernberg
3. Ut i morka natten (Into the Dark Night)
4. Isadoras land (Isadora's Land)
5. Trollfuglen (The Magic Bird)
6. Polska fra Hoffsmyran (Polska from Hoffsmyran)
7. Herr Lager och skon fager (Herr Lager and the Fair One)
8. Brannvinslat fran Torsas (Drinking Song from Torsas)
9. Pigopolskan - Den glomda polskan (The Maid's Polska -
    The Forgotten Polska)
10.Nar som flickorna de gifta sig (When Young Women Get
11.Kapad (Hijacked)
12.Bredals Nackapolska (Nackapolska after Bredal)
13.Galatea Creek
14.Vals fran Valsebo (Waltz from Valsebo)