Tuesday Morning Kaffe

The 4th (2009) CD release from Brainerd, MN based band Skålmusik includes mostly Norwegian favorites. Though the band says they were drinking coffee continuously throughout the recording, these are mellow dance tunes you will enjoy listening to them as you drink coffee just as much as swinging your dance partner around your kitchen or living room as you listen.

1. Tuesday Morning Waltz
2. Arne's March
3. Sibirsk Reiselått, polka
4. Røragen Waltz
5. Titanolåten
6. Severson's Mazurka
7. Harold's Polka
8. Trønderbrura
9. One-Row Reinlender
10.Jervisekken Polka
11.Pål sine Høner
12.Gus and Lena's Waltz
13.Den framfødde, reinlender
14.One-Row Galopp
15.Bränd Pers Waltz
16.Reinlender from Vestnes
17.Skrapvalsen (Waltz)
18.Archie's Polka