Winter Poem Secret Garden

Fionnuala Sherry (Ireland) on violin, and Rolf Lovland (Norway) on piano, keyboards and whistles create a flowing stream of songs that carry you into the breathtaking days of winter. Predominantly instrumental, some vocals, a perfect background for relaxation. With guest singers Moya Brennan (The Dream), Fionnuala Gill (Mary's Lament) and Tracey Campbell and Espen Grjotheim (Powered by Nature). "Winter is a harsh, but yet beautiful time of year, and for us living in the north, a natural part of our lives and who we are. For me, the winter is a time of inspiration; and the long, dark nights - a time for music and creativity. Winter Poem is our ode to winter." 2011

1. Make a Wish
2. Song for a New Beginning
3. The Dream
4. Frozen in Time
5. Anticipation
6. Fionnuala's Cookie Jar
7. Mary's Lament
8. Song at the End of the Day
9. Lament for a Frozen Flower
10. Powered by Nature
11. Suite

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