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Breathtaking natural surroundings, refined culture, and sophisticated lifestyle. The extraordinary beauty of the Nordic lands has forged a culture that values design, craftsmanship, and a deep appreciation of the natural world. These values combine with a tradition of turning every gathering for family and friends into a celebration.



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  1. Tibetan Flowers Turquoise Socks
    Tibetan Flowers Turquoise Socks
    SKU: 52356
  2. Sweetheart Bowl
    Sweetheart Bowl
    SKU: 48615
  3. Mother's Day Card - The Best Mom
    Mother's Day Card - The Best Mom
    SKU: 55423
  4. Mai Silver Earrings
    Mai Silver Earrings
    SKU: 47095
  5. Swedish Falksalt Varieties
    Swedish Falksalt Varieties
    SKU: GR4729

    Starting at $4.00

  6. Hafi Black Currant Preserves
    Hafi Black Currant Preserves
    SKU: 13826
  7. Wild Lingonberry Syrup
    Wild Lingonberry Syrup
    SKU: 51136
  8. Söderblandning Teas
    Söderblandning Teas
    SKU: GR7360

    Starting at $14.50

  9. Non Stick Aebleskiver Pan
    Non Stick Aebleskiver Pan
    SKU: 6147
  10. Almond Cake Pan
    Almond Cake Pan
    SKU: CW1000
  11. Dala Socks
    Dala Socks
    SKU: GR7412

    Starting at $15.00

  12. Medium Thea Tote
    Medium Thea Tote
    SKU: 55314A

12 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction