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Imported Scandinavian foods…  with a taste of tradition and a taste of home.


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  1. Nordi Chocolate Snacking Thins
    Nordi Chocolate Snacking Thins
    SKU: GR6986

    Starting at $8.75

  2. Kolsvart Licorice Fish
    Kolsvart Licorice Fish
    SKU: GR6992

    Starting at $8.25

  3. Swedish Chocolate Truffles
    Swedish Chocolate Truffles
    SKU: 69925
  4. Christmas Toffee Mix
    Christmas Toffee Mix
    SKU: 69834
  5. Ingebretsen's Biking Viking Chocolates
    Ingebretsen's Biking Viking Chocolates
    SKU: GR7440

    Starting at $6.95

  6. Freia Milk Chocolate Bars
    Freia Milk Chocolate Bars
    SKU: GR1426

    Starting at $2.00

  7. Freia Firkløver Bars with Hazelnuts
    Freia Firkløver Bars with Hazelnuts
    SKU: GR1427

    Starting at $2.00

  8. Kvikk Lunsj Bar
    Kvikk Lunsj Bar
    SKU: CW1019
  9. Japp Chocolate Bar
    Japp Chocolate Bar
    SKU: 57455
  10. Freia Melkerull Chocolates
    Freia Melkerull Chocolates
    SKU: 57664
  11. Freia Smil Toffees Roll
    Freia Smil Toffees Roll
    SKU: 13831
  12. Freia Twist Assortment
    Freia Twist Assortment
    SKU: CW1025
  13. Mini Daim Pieces
    Mini Daim Pieces
    SKU: CW1014
  14. Daim Double Bar
    Daim Double Bar
    SKU: 55358
  15. Kex Bar
    Kex Bar
    SKU: 7F1420
  16. Cloetta Kex Minis Bag
    Cloetta Kex Minis Bag
    SKU: 47542

Items 1-16 of 42

per page
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