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Imported Scandinavian foods…  with a taste of tradition and a taste of home.
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  1. Nordi Chocolate Snacking Thins
    Nordi Chocolate Snacking Thins
    SKU: GR6986

    Starting at $8.75

  2. Fazer Blue Chocolate
    Fazer Blue Chocolate
    SKU: H0602
  3. Nordi Dark Chocolate Bars
    Nordi Dark Chocolate Bars
    SKU: GR67733

    Starting at $6.00

  4. Marianne Candy
    Marianne Candy
    SKU: 11554
  5. Halva European Black Licorice
    Halva European Black Licorice
    SKU: 64756
  6. Turkish Pepper Licorice
    Turkish Pepper Licorice
    SKU: CW1031

6 Items

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