Söderblandning Teas

Söderblandning Teas

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Söderblandning Teas


SKU: GR7360

The Tea Centre of Stockholm creates and offers some of the world’s most loved tea blends!

filled with the tastes of tropical fruits and flowers. Its popularity extends far beyond Sweden, and the tea is constantly finding new enthusiasts. It really is a must try.  

Green Tea Blend…
delicate and light with a really lovely fragrance. Green tea is known for its health benefits and low caffeine. Perfect for a bedtime cup. 
3.5 oz, loose leaf.

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Soderblandning Green Tea 3.5oz
SKU: 59806
$ $14.50
Söderblandning Tea 3.5 oz
SKU: CW1007
$ $14.50
Soderblandning Tea 17.5 oz
SKU: 36388
$ $46.00