Stan Boreson Fractures Christmas

Stan Boreson Fractures Christmas

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Stan Boreson Fractures Christmas


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Fans young and old will enjoy these fun lyrics set to well-known Christmas music. With Stan Boreson  on vocals and accordion, Peter Lederer, arranger and pianist, Hal Champ, bass, Chuck Bennett, guitar, Ted Simon, drums, and special material by Tim Hunter.
It’s a real hoot!

1. Lena Got Run Over by a Reindeer
2. I’m So Glad It’s Time for Lutefisk Again
3. Walking in my Winter Underwear
4. The Christmas Serenade
5. Oh! Lutefisk
6. Be Kind to the Street Corner Santa Claus
7. Here Comes Ingebrit
8. Have a Glade Jul This Christmas
9. I Saw Hulda Kissing Uncle Sven
10.I Give Up What Is It?
11.The Christmas Party
12.Silver Bells

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