Triakel - Händelser i Nord

Traikel (Kjell-Erik Eriksson - fiddle, Emma Härdelin - vocals and fiddle), and Janne Strömstedt - harmonium).
Throughout the ages people have used words and music to describe what has been happening in their local areas: the implacable face of nature, the uncompromising harshness of their lives filled with accidents, murder and passion. Local history makes for powerful stories, as full of joy and sorrow as life itself.
Händelser i Nord (Real Life Stories from the North) is the result of a thorough search in the archives for songs about drowning accidents in Jämtland, knife-toting gangs in Hälsingland, mail robbery in Norrbotten and tragedy in Västerbotten. They tell of real events that have touched the emotions of many – in the Hollywood phrase 'based on a true story'. The CD comes with an extensive 48page booklet with original contemporary comments on the events (incl. English translations). 2019

1. Östersundsmordet
2. Umeåmordet
3. Medlemordet
4. Vällistevisan
5. Häggsjön
6. Den Gruvlige Kniven i Delsbo
7. Pila-britas schottis
8. Postrånet vid Sälvis
9. Stor-Stina fran Malå