Easter Tree (Påskris)

An Easter Tree (Påskris) is traditionally adorned with brightly colored feathers and Easter ornaments…
Of course, these wonderful ornaments add a smile anywhere, all year!

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  1. Felt Easter Egg Ornament

    Felt Easter Egg Ornament

    SKU: 54936

  2. Felt Bird Ornament

    Felt Bird Ornament

    SKU: 54940

  3. Felt Owl Ornament

    Felt Owl Ornament

    SKU: 54941

  4. Felt Birdhouse Ornament

    Felt Birdhouse Ornament

    SKU: 54942

  5. Tiny Kitchen Witch

    Tiny Kitchen Witch

    SKU: 50219

  6. Birdhouse Ornaments

    Birdhouse Ornaments

    Starting at: $4.00

    SKU: GR7150

  7. Wooden Fat Bird Ornaments

    Wooden Fat Bird Ornaments

    Starting at: $6.00

    SKU: GR7460

  8. Proongily Egg Ornaments

    Proongily Egg Ornaments

    SKU: 39113

  9. Glass Egg Ornament

    Glass Egg Ornament

    SKU: 39071

  10. Polka Dot Egg Ornaments

    Polka Dot Egg Ornaments

    Starting at: $4.00

    SKU: GR0022

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