Tomtar and Nisser require very little of the humans they work for. With couple of exceptions - respect and a bowl of julegrøt...  Read more...

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  1. Musical Tomtar Ornaments
    Musical Tomtar Ornaments
    SKU: GR7504

    Starting at $24.00

  2. Crystal Nisse and Tomte
    Crystal Nisse and Tomte
    SKU: GR66253

    Starting at $80.00

  3. Hasle Nisse Boy in Red
    Hasle Nisse Boy in Red
    SKU: 65570
  4. Hasle Nisse Girl
    Hasle Nisse Girl
    SKU: 65569
  5. A Heart Felt Nisse
    A Heart Felt Nisse
    SKU: 64740
    Out of stock
  6. Trio of Watchful Tomtar
    Trio of Watchful Tomtar
    SKU: GR66710

    Starting at $24.00

  7. Tomte Papa with Lantern
    Tomte Papa with Lantern
    SKU: 67094
  8. Rolling Pin Tomte Mama
    Rolling Pin Tomte Mama
    SKU: 67095
  9. Wee Beanpole Tomtar
    Wee Beanpole Tomtar
    SKU: GR4820

    Starting at $26.00

  10. Red Wool Tomten Trio
    Red Wool Tomten Trio
    SKU: GR1209

    Starting at $12.00

  11. Snowy White Tonttus
    Snowy White Tonttus
    SKU: GR6031

    Starting at $29.00

  12. Conical Tomtar and Trees
    Conical Tomtar and Trees
    SKU: GR1204

    Starting at $5.50

  13. Soccer Player Tomte
    Soccer Player Tomte
    SKU: 62135
  14. Artistic Tomte
    Artistic Tomte
    SKU: 64135
  15. Tomte Sax Player
    Tomte Sax Player
    SKU: 59139
  16. Tomte Skier
    Tomte Skier
    SKU: 35467

Items 1-16 of 33

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