Sølje is Norway’s traditional silver jewelry. Its dangling spoons once were thought to reflect evil away from the wearer, protecting one from trolls and other dangers, especially in times of transition. Particularly appropriate for babies and brides, in our time its sparkling loveliness is appreciated by all!

Bindrunes – Icelandic Rune Jewelry

Runes were a writing style of the Vikings who believed the Runes had great power. Alrún is a small husband-and-wife owned business based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Their craft takes a new approach to a Nordic bindrune (combined-rune) tradition that is over one thousand years old. Using these powerful symbols in their distinct jewelry, Alrún welcomes you to discover connections to the past and share in the beauty of new Nordic tradition. The clarity of pure .925 silver shows the sharply defined symbol at its best.

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