Since 1923, Påskekrim has been part of the Norwegian Easter holiday tradition. Påskekrim means
“Easter crime”. During the holiday, Norwegian television channels will show crime dramas each night
and the bookstores will have their own section of crime novels for their customers to dive into during
their extra free time at their cabins or at home.
Here is our own selection of Påskekrim for you to enjoy – no matter how much time you have off…

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  1. Death of a Viking...

    Death of a Viking...

    SKU: 60911

  2. Blood on Snow

    Blood on Snow

    SKU: 59363

  3. Caught in the Lye

    Caught in the Lye

    SKU: 60529

  4. Where Monsters Dwell

    Where Monsters Dwell

    SKU: 54926

  5. Observation Hill

    Observation Hill

    SKU: 57819

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