Scandinavian Easter

Spring… a wonderful time to honor traditions.
elcome Easter Witches (påskkäringar) & adorn your home,
celebrate a bright meal & lovely table,  or create a handmade treasure to greet the spring!

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  1. Tiny Kitchen Witch

    Tiny Kitchen Witch

    SKU: 50219

  2. The Easter Egg

    The Easter Egg

    SKU: 38744

  3. Wild Plum Thicket Die Cut

    Wild Plum Thicket Die Cut

    SKU: 12200

  4. Spring Bunnies

    Spring Bunnies

    SKU: GR4583

  5. Flower Girls

    Flower Girls

    SKU: GR4586

  1. Bunny Hop Napkins

    Bunny Hop Napkins

    SKU: GR7338

  2. Peep Napkins

    Peep Napkins

    SKU: GR7330

  3. Blue Garden Birds Napkins

    Blue Garden Birds Napkins

    SKU: GR7455

  4. Easter Bouquet Napkins

    Easter Bouquet Napkins

    SKU: GR7450

  5. Anniversary Bundt Cake Pan

    Anniversary Bundt Cake Pan

    SKU: 6F1512

  1. Marianne Candy

    Marianne Candy

    SKU: 11554

    Out of stock
  2. Dalecarlian Chocolate Dala Horses

    Dalecarlian Chocolate Dala Horses

    SKU: GR1425

  3. Mintees


    SKU: S38

  4. Berry Allure Chocolates

    Berry Allure Chocolates

    SKU: GR7422

    Out of stock
  5. Bilar Fruity Candy Cars

    Bilar Fruity Candy Cars

    Regular Price: $3.95

    Special Price: $2.00

    SKU: 54677

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