Here at Ingebretsen’s we have two pretty special fathers, Bud Ingebretsen & Warren Dahl,
who have instilled in all of us the values we try our best to live by –
providing exceptional products and service, and being a positive force in our community.
And appreciation for heritage and community… the ingredients that keep all of us bound to each other.
Thanks to both of our dads – we love you!         – Julie Ingebretsen

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  1. Cork Bobber Key Ring

    Cork Bobber Key Ring

    SKU: 49811

  2. Uff Da Golf Towel

    Uff Da Golf Towel

    Starting at: $16.00

    SKU: GR41407

  3. Uff Da Visor

    Uff Da Visor

    Starting at: $18.00

    SKU: GR7326

  4. Nordic Golf Balls

    Nordic Golf Balls

    Starting at: $2.00

    SKU: GR2250

  5. Sardines in Olive Oil

    Sardines in Olive Oil

    SKU: FD3105

  6. Kaptein Crackers

    Kaptein Crackers

    SKU: 50172

  7. Lars' Ginger Snaps

    Lars' Ginger Snaps

    Regular Price: $6.00

    Special Price $3.50

    SKU: 1403

  8. Hafi Lingonberry Saft

    Hafi Lingonberry Saft

    SKU: 50174

  9. Rocking Whiskey Glasses

    Rocking Whiskey Glasses

    SKU: 46854

  10. Light My Fire MealKits 2.0

    Light My Fire MealKits 2.0

    Starting at: $29.00

    SKU: GR49176

  11. Grandpa's FireGrill Kit

    Grandpa's FireGrill Kit

    SKU: 49178

  12. Iron Welcome Signs

    Iron Welcome Signs

    Starting at: $33.00

    SKU: GR0124

  13. Pocket Farkel

    Pocket Farkel

    SKU: 2712

  14. Kubb Game

    Kubb Game

    SKU: 49727

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