Tokheim Pottery

Gene and Lucy Tokheim keep Norwegian folk art alive in their studio in western Minnesota.
The details on their wheel-thrown pottery – horse heads, geometric and floral designs
combined – all speak to tradition. But you could interpret the browns and blues as the influence
of our own prairie soil and vast sky. A lasting treasure to give any Scandinavian-American.

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  1. Small Two Headed Ale Bowl

    Small Two Headed Ale Bowl

    SKU: 17372

  2. Horse Head Ale Bowl

    Horse Head Ale Bowl

    SKU: 11276

  3. Tokheim Stoneware Bowls

    Tokheim Stoneware Bowls

    Starting at: $40.00

    SKU: GR0173

  4. Tokheim Mini Horsie Mug

    Tokheim Mini Horsie Mug

    SKU: 6F108

  5. Tokheim Fjord Horse Candleholders

    Tokheim Fjord Horse Candleholders

    Starting at: $18.00

    SKU: GR0175

  6. Tokheim Swallow Post Mug

    Tokheim Swallow Post Mug

    SKU: 16455

  7. Tokheim Wedding Bowls

    Tokheim Wedding Bowls

    Starting at: $100.00

    SKU: GR0176

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