Cheese Slicers

Scandinavian cheeses are among the most deliciously sentimental foods of all… treat them right.
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  1. Moose Cheese Slicer

    Moose Cheese Slicer

    SKU: 55093

  2. Viking Cheese Slicer

    Viking Cheese Slicer

    SKU: 43028

  3. Hard Cheese Plane

    Hard Cheese Plane

    SKU: 17444

  4. Cheese Plane Shredder

    Cheese Plane Shredder

    SKU: 17446

  5. Cheese Plane Nonstick

    Cheese Plane Nonstick

    SKU: 7F2410

  6. Slicer for Soft Cheese

    Slicer for Soft Cheese

    SKU: F1719

  7. Cheese Grater

    Cheese Grater

    SKU: F1718

  8. Pewter Cheese Buttons

    Pewter Cheese Buttons

    SKU: F1710

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