Men's Nordic Vest Pattern #878 Sizes 38-48

Five Nordic Style vest variations are included in this multi-sized pattern, men's sizes 38-48.
View A has a stand-up collar and is double-breasted with lapels that button back. 
View B is double breasted and buttons to the neck, also includes a stand-up collar.
View C has a low rounded neckline, has no collar, and is double-breasted.
View D is single-breasted, buttons to the neck and has a stand-up collar.
Views A through D all have welt pockets and can be made with or without a back belt.
View E meets in the front with concealed hooks, has piping down the front, around the stand-up collar and pocket flaps.
All vests are completely lined. There is the option, however, of just lining the fronts of views A through D. You may omit the collar on views A, B, or D. Views A through D are often made with fronts that are plaid or striped with coordinating solid color backs. View E is always made in one solid color with contrasting piping.