Proongily Die Cut Trees

Proongily is a tiny Minnesota company whose designer learned the old Danish craft of paper cutting from her grandmother. She has turned that skill and inspiration into an intricate little world of nisser and forest creatures. Proongily's forest of paper trees is populated with a host of little creatures and the nisser who take care of them. Each branch holds a surprise. Each die cut is pressed and assembled by hand, one sheet of paper at a time.
"It is my view that the world often overlooks the significance of lightheartedness. The day that people take joy as seriously as they do sorrow, perhaps we can turn a corner..."
Proongily Trees are available in 3 sizes... 6, 9 or 12”.

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Proongily White Die-cut Tree - 6"
Proongily White Die-cut Tree - 9"
Proongily White Die-cut Tree - 12"