Sacred Night: The Christmas Album

by Secret Garden, Norway and Ireland.
Norwegian composer, arranger and pianist Rolf Løvland, and Irish violinist and singer Fionnuala Sherry create beautiful new classical holiday music, joined by Norwegian vocalist Cathrine Iversen. Lyrics are a mix of English and Norwegian.

  1. A Million Stars
  2. Ave Maria
  3. Sacred Night
  4. Sagnet om Julerosen (The Legend of the Christmas Rose)
  5. 'Cause of You
  6. Sigma
  7. Morketid (Winter Darkness)
  8. Christmas Time is Here Again
  9. I Dette Stille Øyeblikk (In This Silent Moment)
10. Mary's Lament
11. Desembernattens Sang (December Night Song)
12. I Know a Rose Tree