Rosemaling the Beautiful Norwegian Art & Design Collection #2.

by Helen Elizabeth Blank, (1915-1988). Rosemaling the Beautiful Norwegian Art (1975) and Rosemaling Design Collection II (1978) have been combined in this one volume. Rosemaling flourished in Norway from 1700 to 1850, and the designs are still around, gracing old wooden trunks, furniture, bowls, plates, and many other wooden surfaces. This gorgeous, classic art form is still being practiced today. This classic book shows how to perform rosemaling with simple, step-by-step instructions helpful to the novice or expert alike. Topics covered include bands or borders, scrolls, getting started, materials, color harmony, accents, and quick tips. Dozens of designs allow readers to create their own works of art. New front and back covers, new color inserts added. Spiralbound Paperback, 66pp. 2017 edition